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SMART requirements

The term SMART is an acronym for Specific Measurable Acceptable Realistic and Time-bound. SMART is a much used tool in determining if requirements are well written. But what does this mean for requirements?


A requirement is sufficiently specific if the need is clear enough to be able to determine an appropriate solution.


A requirement is measurable if you can prove that the requirement has been realized by use of a test.


A requirement or a set of requirements in terms of form and style are acceptable if the quality demands have been met.


In terms of content a requirement is acceptable when the client (and the contractor) has determined that the requirement is a proper wording of the need and that the proposed solutions, within the given limitations, will sufficiently fill in the needs.


A requirement is realistic if it can be filled in with feasible and viable solutions.


A requirement is time-bound when there is a clear indication of when the requirement must be realized or will be realized.

How do you write SMART requirements?

Synergio has written a handy book, called "Start at the end with SMART requirements", containing a set of practical guidelines for writing requirements. This is a handy tool for writing good-quality requirements. You can also use the guidelines to determine the quality of requirements. For example, are they suitable for use in the testing process? And if not, on which aspects can they be improved?

Would you like to know how to write SMART requirements? Order our book "Start at the end with SMART requirements".




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