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TopTeam Analyst - The best requirements management tool

TopTeam Analyst
"The best a Business Analyst can get"


In a recent survey (2016) from Seilevel, 185 requirements management tools have been investigated. Based on reviews, 70 tools remain.

These 70 tools have been evaluated using 34 MVP (Minimum Viable Product) criteria. There are 22 requirements management tools remaining that are evaluated on another 173 criteria. And TopTeam Analyst has received the highest score

In een recent onderzoek (2016) van Seilevel zijn 185 requirements management tools onderzocht. Op basis van reviews zijn hiervan 70 tools overgebleven.

TopTeam Analyst: The best a Business Analyst can get!

TopTeam Analyst strengths

  • Modellering and mock-up functionalities are impressive.
  • Create burndowns and manage sprint/release
    execution with the agile module.
  • Easily manage baselines and document versions.
  • Robust collaboration with Review Package wizard to help manage approvals
  • Comprehensive test management, with the ability to quickly generate test cases based off defined use cases or processes
  • Intuitive Admin module for requirements
    architecture, traceability and workflow rules
Requirements tools evaluation

Read the report?

The report includes a summary for each tool. You can download the report via the below link..

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Request a TopTeam demonstration?

We are happy to show you TopTeam's capabilities. Please contact Edwin Schumacher via +31 6 5539 2010 or via email: info@synergio.nl