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Tender management with VisibleThread

In tenders you will often receive dozens of documents from the client. The challenge is to study these documents and to quickly identify the essence of the needs of the client - the need behind the question. This is a time consuming and costly process to which you devote your best people.

How can you save time and thus reduce costs at this stage of the tender?

And how do you increase the chance of writing a winning tender that differentiates itself from the competition?

You do this by using VisibleThread's tender management software.

Reducing tender costs

The contract analysis tool VisibleThread enables you to quickly scan dozens of documents:

  • key concepts such as selection criteria
  • or specific concerns, such as tunnel installations, civil works, etc
  • but also on risk and safety requirements.


This way you know exactly what information is in what document and you can divide the information much more directed to the disciplines involved in the analysis (systems engineers).

A winning tender

The tender management software VisibleThread can not only be used for the analysis of the documents of the client, but also for the documents you write yourself as part of your offer specification. Companies often partaking in tenders have appointed EMVI writers. VisibleThread is THE tool for EMVI plan writers. VisibleThread checks registration papers on quality of content, structure, consistency and language.

With VisibleThread you are able to write a high-quality offer that differentiates itself from the competition because it appears that you have understood the need behind the customer demand. With VisibleThread you write a winning tender: clear, consistent and understandable.

Are you interested in a demonstration?

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