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Start at the end with SMART requirements

is a must have for every  organization and professional taking writing of good requirements seriously.

Beautifully designed, compact size (A5), clear explanation, practical approach, is the standard for writing SMART requirements.

See also the training in which the book is part of the  training handouts. Each student receives a free copy of the book when participating in the training.

Also available in Dutch.


ISBN 978-90-78990-02-4


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Validating requirements specs

Lessons Learned

The Dutch Ministry of Public Infrastructure asked Synergio to evaluate the inspection of requirements specifications of 50 projects. These lessons learned have been documented in an accessible and handy booklet, called 'LESSONS LEARNED - toetsen van vraagspecificaties eisendeel'. It is only available in Dutch.


Groot Innovatie Modellenboek

GIM Boek

The "Groot Innovatie Modellenboek" offers 40 practical models to support the process of innovation. One of these models is het "Requirements Model" by Synergio. It is only available in Dutch.


Writing effective Use Cases

Use Case boek

A very popular technique to design the interaction between a user and a system, are Use Cases. What does a good Use Case look like and what are useful guidelines to document these?