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Great innovation models

He who does not innovate will not survive in the long term. The embedding and organizing of the innovation process turns out to be rather difficult  for many organizations. The Groot Innovatie Modellenboek (Big book  with Innovation Models) offers 35 practical models to use in innovation related activities. And one of the models  is the requirements model by Synergio!

The Groot Innovatie Modellenboek answers questions like how do I organize the innovation process? Which strategy to follow? How do I find out what my customers want? Which business models can I set up? How to set up partnerships? Each model is documented in a fixed structure: what is the model about? Where did it come from? How does it work in practice? When does it work and when not?

GIM Boek

The Synergio Requirements Model

The Synergio requirementsmodel is one of the models described. It is a very powerful model to keep your innovation on track.

By structurally working with requirements from the start, during the entire innovation proces you are able to communicate the expectations about the endresult in a crystal clear way and work much more effectively. One of the most important challenges is to not just write down the requirements right, but also to document the right requirements in the right context for the right audience.

Synergio's model is easy to understand and still has proven to be a powerful instrument in many projects.

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