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LESSONS LEARNED - verification of requirements specifications

Working with requirements as a generic skill to realize better results. That is the focus of Synergio.

Also Rijkswaterstaat (the executive arm of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) is fully convinced to achieve better results in infrastructural projects by working with requirements.

The website www.leidraadse.nl regularly publishes on this topic.

Clear requirements specifications are of utmost importance to Rijkswaterstaat, as they refer to the quality of the end product! In the period 2006-2008 the department Infrastructure Development evaluated the requirements specifications of more than 50 projects.

Lessons Learned

Like no other Synergio can explain how to formulate requirements well and structure them clearly. Because of this, Rijkswaterstaat asked Synergio to transform the lessons learned from these projects into an accessible and practically applicable booklet.

The lessons learned booklet explains to requirements specifiers what other already experienced and aims to stimulate sharing these experiences.

Do you want to know more? Download here the digital copy (Dutch language available only).

Do you prefer a hardcopy of the booklet or do you want more information? Please send an email to m.van.spall@synergio.nl or call at  +31 85 273 5185