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Partner programs

Product partners

Products that improve and accellerate working with requirements and enable you to deliver better results as a team. Synergio is the European distributor of TopTeam by TechnoSolutions, Cockpit by Cognition and VisibleThread by VisibleThread.

Network partners

Synergio is a member of the Cell Network Group, een network organization of smaller companies with in total 1.200 employees delivering ICT products and services for the entire application life cycle.


Synergio is a member of People Creating Value, a network organization drawing on the knowledge and competences of over 80 experienced professionals.

Synergio is a member of LifetecZONe and In2LifeSciences, both networks of companies operating in the life sciences and healtcare market in Europe.

Knowledge partners

The International Institute on Business Analysis (IIBA) and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) are leading knowledge organizations in the area of product development. Synergio is a strong supporter of both organizations.

SoftEd is a leading IT education provider

Product partners


VisibleThread was founded in 2008. Coming from a background of large scale IT Delivery, we observed that poorly written specifications & documented requirements accounted for up to 40%* of wasted program dollars. The identification of compliance, legal, and delivery concerns through automated scans enables proposal response teams to improve efficiency and increase their probability of winning government and commercial contracts.


Cognition Corporation is the developer of Cockpit, a software tool that supports the Product Development Process (PDP) through Requirements Management, Risk Management, VOC Management, Test Management, Meetings Management and Knowledge Management capabilities.


TechnoSolutions Corporation was founded in 1995 with the objective to develop  innovative tools for the software lifecycle. The most important product of TechnoSolutions is TopTeam. It is a fully integrated end-to-end solution for working with requirements.

Network partners

Cell Network Group

Cell Network Group B.V. (CNG) was founded in 2010. A new type of organisation, a new structure, a new way of working with the puspose to unite small(er) specialised ICT service provides under one roof. CNG delivers directly to large companies, preferably in the form of a preferred suppliership and/or mastercontract. Read more...

People Creating Value

The people at People Creating Value are experienced specialists from various disciplines in integral product development, who create added value by generating and implementing new ideas. Integral product development embraces all the activities needed to get from a simple product idea - via a product portfolio - to fully-fledged products.


LifetecZONe is the networking organisation for the Human Health Sector in South Netherlands. LifetecZONe is founded by intermediairy organisations BOM, LIOF and Syntens and is actively run by and for entrepreneurs.

Knowledge partners

International Council on Systems Engineering

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a non-profit organization, founded to develop and share the SE principles which enable realising successful systems.

Synergio is sponsor of the Dutch chapter of INCOSE (www.incose.nl).

International Institute of Business Analysis

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is the independent non-profit professional association for the growing field of business analysis.

IIBA's goal is to create greater awareness of the BA profession by defining what is business analysis and working towards recognition of the value of the business analyst role. Synergio is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider.


SoftEd are the internationally recognised local experts in software development training.

With over 50 different course titles in Business Analysis, System Design, Programming, Software Testing, IT Management and Agile Development, they not only provide you with access to leading-edge content but also get you connected to an unrivalled network of international experts