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Stedin - Chooses TopTeam after extensive selection process

At the end of 2012, Stedin’s business consultants, led by Patrick de Man and Harmen Leijnse, initiated the plan to improve the productivity and quality of Stedin’s business analysis process. One solution was the introduction of a business analysis tool. The process they implemented for the introduction of the tool in the organization is an example for other organizations.
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Nuon Energy - Pressure cooking requirements

For Nuon Energy flawless and crystal-clear communication on the energy consumption and its cost for their customers is crucial. The project New Bills has been commissioned to improve the current communication about the consumption and cost of energy and in doing so directly connecting to new legislation, which applies from January 1st 2012. The project now faces a healthy, but also a tough challenge: what do we need to, what do we want to and what can we improve in the communication to the customer?
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Royal Haskoning - Annual planning using requirements

For many managers developing the annual plan is a recurring annual challenge. There are several ways in which an annual plan can be established, often via a top down approach. In a changing organization Claudia Algra, Director of the Advisory Group Environmental Sustainability for Royal Haskoning, wanted to approach this differently.
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Van Lanschot Bankiers - Improves working with requirements

Robert van Oosten’s ambition, demand management manager at Van Lanschot Bankiers, is that all 40 business consultants and system administrators provide good business analysis and requirements that form the basis for good project agreements with the client and project manager concerning time, money, quality and scope. This applies to all new projects (business consultants) and for all change requests (system administrators) from the user organization.
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Siemens Netherlands - Theme sessions Systems Engineering

In recent years the 'post' failure costs in construction has been estimated at a minimum of 10% of the turnover. The construction sector mainly attributes the cause of these failure costs due to a lack of information and communication. To improve this application within the civil engineering sector, Systems Engineering (SE) has intensively been applied for a number of years now.

SE also gets a lot of attention at Siemens Netherlands. At the end of 2010 Siemens, together with Synergio, began the SE@Siemens theme sessions to allow its people to experience what SE means in a practical way in daily practice.
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Newitera - Value proposition development

Newitera listens to its customers and ensures that with its knowledge, experience and services it appropriately meets the demands for these needs. For example, customers get faster return on their SAP investment! Newitera wants to be "thought leader" in its field.

This great challenge, in collaboration with Synergio, was designed in a few weeks; from vision to implementation. The result: four promising new propositions that Newitera can offer to its customers within the next six months.
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NIBC - Use Cases and requirements for the implementation of a standard package

NIBC Bank recently migrated to a standard package for e-banking because the back office and customer dialogue screens for electronic banking had to be replaced. The standard package offers many options for customization. The challenge for NIBC is to fit the standard package in as well as possible with NIBC’s banking processes.
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Rubix - develops customer oriented value propositions

Iwan van Heeswijk, Director of Rubix (www.rubix.nl), and his management team believe it is important Rubix develops customer-oriented propositions and asked Synergio to give substance to this. Based on the proposition house and a number of workshops Rubix’ proposition was defined.
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Bosch - Market-driven innovation

The strategic ambition of Bosch Communication Systems is to maintain a leading position in innovation and quality for conference systems. Bosch began a project to completely redesign its conference system as a part in realizing this ambition.

Bosch realized that in order to create and market a successful product, they really needed to know the market’s needs. Synergio was asked to introduce a requirements-based approach in this innovative project.
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Rabobank - Providing optimal information

Business information manager, whose duty it is to advise clients on information provisiong, is a key role within Rabobank Netherlands.

Therefore it is important to find out what the client wants and what the supplier can provide.
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Philips Healthcare Incubator

creates innovative products for Healthcare. Due to strict quality requirements, reliability and traceability of requirements is very important. Synergio supports this process with the training SMART requirements, the use of TopTeam and professional services.
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