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Value Proposition Development

Most companies have no shortage of ideas. They are however often lacking a structured process to develop these ideas into a customer-oriented value proposition that is achievable.

Questions that many companies have are: How do you go about proposition development in a structured way? How do you determine which is the best proposition as there are several possibilities? How do you translate the proposition to sales and marketing and for the team that will realize the new proposition? How do you measure whether the proposition is delivering the desired benefits?

The Value Proposition House

Synergio's proposition house (Value Proposition House) helps you to develop a value proposition in a structured way. The aim is to describe each proposition on a single piece of (A4) paper. This information can be used by marketing to further develop the positioning of the proposition; by sales in the qualification process in order to determine whether or not the proposition matches the customers needs; through product development as input for the product development process.

Value Proposition House

By involving employees in the proposition development process and by making the evaluation transparent, you ensure new propositions are supported internally and propagated externally. By starting with the needs of the customer you ensure that new propositions are always customer-oriented.

White paper Value Proposition Development

Would you like to learn more about developing value propositions in a structured way? Please download Synergio's white paper about Value Proposition Development.

  Download white paper  

Value Proposition Development training

Synergio also offers the opportunity to attend the "Value Proposition Development" training together with your colleagues. This training is in-house so we can discuss the specific situation in your organization.

Value Proposition Development consultancy

Do you have ideas for one or more propositions that you'd like to develop in a structured manor? Synergio can help you to do this together with you. After the consultation you will have a detailed proposition and you will have practiced the process of developing propositions from beginning to end.

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