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Agile business analysis

What is business analysis?

Business analysis is the ability to create a consistent and sustainable added value for customers and the company. Based on the business context and stakeholders, appropriate solutions are identified to satisfy the most important needs and objectives. Business analysis bridges the gap between business and IT.

The need for Agile business analysis

The current digital disruption is causing the rate of change to accelerate in ways that are leaving some of the world’s largest brands eating the dust of their newer competitors. This is the new norm.

To succeed in this "adapt-or-die" environment, enterprises must be able to rapidly change the way they create and deliver value to their customers. As applications and software play a role in nearly every function in every industry, agile business analysis becomes a curcial capability of every organization.

Agile business analysis using the DECIDE-Model

Synergio’s DECIDE-Model is an agile business analysis model guiding business analysts to interatively and incrementally connect needs and solutions. The DECIDE-Model helps you as a business analyst to do the right things right at the right time. It facilitates a transparent decision-making process and thus sustainable solutions that are valuable to your customers and your organization.