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The Scaled Agile Framework - SAFe

The rate of change

Digital disruption causes the rate of change to accelerate. Leading companies are supassed by new competitors. This is not something that only happens with a few companies in a specific market segment. It is a reality for any company and government institution, regardless of size, location or market segment. It's the new norm.

Adapt or die

To survive in this environment, companies need to find new ways to create and deliver value faster. This skill is highly dependent on the knowledge and ability to develop software systems, since software supports almost every feature in every industry. As software becomes increasingly complex, it is vital that the ways in which these systems are developed are based on collaboration, innovation, speed and continuous learning and improvement.

 SAFe Framework

Agile software en systems engineering

The waterfall methods of the past have difficulty coping with these new challenges. A better approach is needed. Agile software development is an important step in the right direction, but was originally intended for small teams. Agile / Scrum is not scalable to develop large complex systems, involving a large number of Scrum teams. The Scaled Agile Framework SAFe® (www.scaledagileframework.com) offers a solution.

Agile with SAFe

SAFe is an extensive framework that enables Agile / Scrum application development to scale to large complex applications with multiple Scrum teams. In addition, SAFe maintains the core values of Agile application development. With the help of SAFe, the development team continuously gives value to its customers in short iterations. This consistency and reliability makes companies more agile in their market segment and more competitive in the market.

Become SAFe with Synergio

Synergio guides organizations in their transition to Scaled Agile application development applying the Scaled Agile Framework. And we do this Agile as well. In short iterations we help to transistion your organization to SAFe, including implementation, coaching and training.


If you are interested in what SAFe® can mean for your organization, come to one of our workshops. These are free so it only takes some time. You get an excellent overview of how agile software development works according to SAFe® and how to implement this in your organization. Our certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPC4) love to tell you more about the framework and our implementation approach.

For more information email to opleidingen@synergio.nl or call Edwin Schumacher directly via +31 (0)6 5539 2010.