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SAFe training courses

As part of the SAFe implementation, Synergio provides training courses for the different roles in a SAFe organization. All courses offer the opportunity to obtain a certificate, when you pass the exam. Synergio provides the registration for the exam. If you succeed, you will receive your certificate directly by email.

The below courses can be conducted by Synergio as part of your transformation to SAFe:

SAFe 4.0 Leading SAFe with SA certificate

The philosophy of SAFe® is simple: leaders, managers and directors must give direction to the adoption, success and continuous improvement of an Agile way of working. Only they can make this change sustainable in their organization. In order to take the lead, it is important that they first adopt this agile way of thinking themselves eneabling them to better convey this to the organization. The Leading SAFe training is intended for:

  • Managers, Directors, CIOs, and VPs
  • Development, QA and ICT-Infrastructure managers
  • Program and project managers
  • Product and product line managers
  • Portfolio managers, PMO, and proces managers
  • Enterprise-, system- en solution Architects

Leading SAFe training

SAFe 4.0. Scrum Master with SSM certificate

The role of Scrum Master is executed by a member of the SAFe® Agile Team, who devotes part of his time to support and improve the Agile Team. The Scrum Master identifies and removes barriers to the team to maximize team performance. The Scum Master helps the team to get better in quality, predictability, speed and productivity. The SAFe Training Scrum Master is intended for:

  • Existing Scrum Masters who participate in an Agile Release Train
  • New Scrum Masters who participated in the "SAFe for Teams" training

SAFe 4.0 Product Manager/Product Owner with PMPO certificate

The Product Owner is a member of the SAFe® Agile Team and is responsible for preparing User Stories and prioritizing the Team Backlog. The Product Owner is the only team member to approve developed User Stories and mark as "done." The Product Owner has a crucial role in the team and outside the team. The Product Owner works closely with the Product Manager, who is responsible for the Program Backlog and priority of Features. The training SAFe Product Manager / Product Owner is intended for:

  • Product managers, product line managers, product owners, business owners and business analysts
  • Solution managers, portfolio managers, program managers, PMO managers and process managers, Enterprise-, solution and system architects.

SAFe 4.0 for Teams

The SAFe® Agile Team is an interdisciplinary team capable and able to define, develop and deliver value in short iterations of approximately two weeks. In SAFe®, Agile Teams aren't stand-alone teams, but they are an integral part of an Agile Release Train (ART) and responsible for delivering added value to the business. All teams work closely together and align their work with the aim of delivering the desired business value as quickly as possible. The SAFe training for Teams is intended for:

  • All Agile Release Train participants