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Synergio: your SAFe transformation partner

Agile is a natural and effective way to develop software. In short iterations with fast feedback loops, delivering integrated, working software that is the core of Agile.

Agile as an organization

Scaled Agile is a way of thinking and working for the whole company. A company must understand Agile, live and breathe it in order to grow. This process requires commitment and involvement from the entire organization.

A step by stap transition from Agile teams to an Agile organization

To become Agile, it is important to implement changes in small iterative steps. We support you from start to end to transform to Agile.

SAFe Context Diagram

A tailor made SAFe transformation

A SAFe transformation is tailored, taking into account the specific situation in your organization. We start by creating an ambition statement. It determines what results SAFe needs to provide to your organization, for example, a faster time-to-market, better quality, higher productivity, more involved employees or more.

Next, we connect these objectives to SAFe's business concepts that contribute to the realization of the business objectives. Important business concepts of SAFe include, for example, the Agile Release Train, developing synchronized and in cadence, collectively planning the next program increment, system demo, time for innovation, continuous learning, etc.

An Agile Transformation approach

The Ambition Statement is the Vision of what we expect from the transformation to SAFe and we use this as a compass during the transformation process. We transform your organization iteratively to SAFe. We reuse existing investments as much as we can.

Where necessary, we sharpen the existing process, so that the transformation to SAFe feels like a natural next step.


Is yoiur organization ready to scale Agile to the next level? Are you interested in Synergio's approach to a SAFe transformation? Contact us via email info@synergio.nl or call Edwin Schumacher atĀ  +31 (0)6 5539 2010.