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When searching on the Internet for requirements tools you quickly find over 100 tools that claim to do something with requirements. But how do you know which tool will support you best in your daily role of being a business analyst, tester, architect or project manager?

We at Synergio worked with many different tools in customer projects. We know the strengths and weaknesses of most popular requirements tools.

This did not go unnoticed with our customers. Regularly we were asked "And, what do you at Synergio think is the best requirements tool?"

Requirements for requirements tools

To be able to objectively provide an answer we wrote down 300 requirements for requirements tools. Two students used this to do market research to find the requirements tool that would best fit these requirements. And for ICT we got a clear winner: TopTeam!

This explains why we at Synergio like to use TopTeam in our projects, of course in close cooperation with our customers.

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