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TopTeam - HP Quality Center integration: The best of both worlds

TopTeam is one of the most powerful tools for requirements engineering and requirements management. HP Quality Center is the marketleader in the area of test management and test automation. The TopTeam - HPQC integration provides a solution that combines the best of both worlds!


Why Office tools don't help

Professionalizing working with requirements is becoming more and more important for organizations. In most cases requirements are still documented in text documents or in spreadsheets. 75% of the organizations that work with requirements use products like word processors and spreadsheets.

Because: what is more easy than using the generic, well known office tools for the daily job? Everyone knows how to use these and requirements can easily be documented in the desired format.

Everybody happy… or not?


Requirements for requirements tools

In the past years Synergio has used many tools when working with requirements at our customer locations. Often with a lot of frustration! Many tools simply do not meet the expectations.

Of course one cannot evaluate tool solutions without a good set of requirements. In this document we collected the requirements that we feel are important to make our customers successful when working with requirements tools.

Are you looking for a good requirements tool? Perhaps this list can help you find the tool that fits you best!