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Synergio services for TopTeam

Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Does your project quickly need a professional requirements management environment and is this not available in your organization? Synergio can offer a way out: A thorough and professionaly supported hosted TopTeam configuration up-and-running within 1 week!

Is installing TopTeam on your local PC difficult eg, with Desktop Virtualization or strict security policies? Synergio has a solution as well. TopTeam can be run from a USB stick. No need to install anything on your PC or laptop.

TopTeam customization

To allow you to start fast, we can offer you a TopTeam environment that fully supports the ideas and best practices from our book "Start at the end with SMART requirements". In addition we can customize TopTeam in such a way that it perfectly matches the processes inside your organization.

TopTeam training

Synergio offers an integrated tool- and methods training. Participants are trained to work methodically and at the same time learn how to use the methods in conjunction with TopTeam.

TopTeam coaching

Succesfully applying a method and supporting tools often benefits from extra coaching in daily business. By additional coaching pitfalls can be avoided and best practices quickly and successfully applied.