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A better result with help of requirements

philips logoPhilips Handheld Immunoassay Venture, part of Philips
Healthcare Incubator, is one of the most innovative companies in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands.

The challenge for Philips Handheld Immunoassay Venture is to deliver an essential contribution to innovative products in the Healthcare sector through close partnership-cooperation.

These new products are strategically important for Philips and with a market-focused approach they can succesfully operate on a relatively short notice.

One of the most important aspects that makes this possible is a requirements-based way or working. For Philips Handheld Immunoassay Venture the requirements-based approach has three important advantages:

  • Smart and efficient cooperation on innovative partners with external partners;
  • Incorporating ‘voice of the customer’ in the newest products;
  • Realizing a high reliability in the endresult, including the challenge to meet the extremely high quality requirements in the medical sector.


A nice example on how working with requirements can help you achieve a better result.
Read here how Edwin Bekx (requirements engineer), Jurgen Mollink (projectmanager) and John Schalken (R&D director) made this possible at Philips with help of Synergio.