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Cognition Cockpit for medical device development and compliancy

Cognition Cockpit™ is a unique tool. Cockpit's strenght can be explained by the integral approach that combines rich requirements management features and traceability functions with powerful mathematical capabilities and risk management.


With these mathematical functions it is possible to calculate with quantified requirements. This enables you to demonstrate in each stage of your product development process whether you meet the defined requirements. You can correct things in an early stage so that not just the right product will be developed, but also that each product will function as intended all the time.

Key functions:

  • Requirements Management and traceability functions
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Excel function transfer possible
  • Monte Carlo-, Pareto analysis and many other reports
  • Powerful import functions
  • Object oriented repository to store a multitude of information
  • Extensive customizations possible

What makes Cockpit interesting for you?

The powerful integral approach of Cockpit ensures you are able to evaluate and demonstrate your compliance to regulatory requirements at all times. Everyone works based on the same information. This allows to deliver the right product, prevent expensive recall actions and compliance issues, realize your time-to-market objectives and realize predictable process and product quality.

Cockpit services

Synergio offers a number of useful services to help you quickly on your way with Cockpit:

  • Cockpit-as-s-Service
  • Cockpit customization
  • Cockpit training
  • Cockpit coaching



Cockpit product information

More information about Cockpit:

  • Cockpit brochure
  • Movies
  • Detailed feature presentations
  • Version 7
  • Request a trial version
  • Prices



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