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Systems Engineering Training

Synergio's training courses are a big success. Participants report they are inspiring and very informative. Since 2006 we yearly train about 600 students. Their average rating has been well over 8 (out of a total score of 10)!

Inspiring teachers, a pleasant setting and limited group size contribute to a lot of interaction and plenty of opportunity to work on assignments. The training includes clear and practical "best practices" and specific techniques from our own experiences.

A training can be highly customized as well as on the basis of public enrollment. We also offer coaching on the job to support the immediate application of newly gained knowledge in your daily practice.




SMART requirements

What is the desired endresult? And even more important: do all stakeholders have a common view of this? Questions that often do not get answered or not even asked when writing project- or change plans. 

How to best describe this endresult? With requirements!

Working with requirements deals with the crystal clear documenting the expected result, choosing the best option of possible solutions and being able to accept the endresult based on measurable criteria.


Proposition development

Most businesses are not lacking ideas. What often does impose challenges is to develop these ideas into a realizable, customer focused propostion in a structured way.

How to structurally develop a proposition? Synergio's step-by-step guide for proposition development helps you with this. It shows you what to do next and how to make choices and decisions in order to develop the right proposition.


Cockpit training

Synergio offers an integrated tool- and methods training. This way students are trained to work methodically and at the same time learn how to use the methods in conjunction with Cockpit.