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Product development excellence

Modern products are becoming increasingly complex. Not just because of the requirements of the customer and the fierce competition in a global market. Almost no product is development anymore under one roof. Numerous parts are acquired and smartly composed to a unique product.

Surpass your customer's expectations

While your customer requires proof that your product meets his requirements, you are looking for a way to surpass these, to differentiate yourself from the competition!


Synergio uses Agile Systems Engineering to help businesses to create more control in their product development process, so they can be competitive in many aspects: productwise but also related to innovation, time to market, cost, etc. And with the gained insighs you create opportunities with which you can surpass your customer's expectations.

Your need


Our solution

  • How to make your development team capable in determining the (latent) needs of your customers?

  • Synergio helps your with doing stakeholder analyses, determining the Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Business. 
  • How to create focus on the added value for the customer during the product development process?

  • Synergio helps you with the implementation of benefits management so that you keep your aim at added value all the time.
  • How to create the right product in one go?

  • Synergio helps your with making choices and decisions with help of variants studies and alternative solutions analyses.
  • How do projectmanagers make a realistic implementation plan that is in line with customer expectation?

  • Synergio helps you to make a logical and traceable translation of the VoC and VoB to a product breakdown structure and to a  work breakdown structure, the basis for the implementation plan.
  • How to deal with the complexity of integral development of a product?

  • Synergio’s "visual reasoning" requirements model helps you to gain insight in complexity and the integrality of a systems composition. This allows you to better evaluate the impact of changes and perform a managed change in line with added value.
  • How to find the right balance between customer value and investments?

  • Synergio’s proposition development helps you to quickly determine the business case of a new product. You invest in a beneficial proposition and continue to expand this, as you want to do things first time right.


Want to know more about how Synergio can help you as well? Mail to  info@synergio.nl or call +31 85 273 5185.