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Reliable planning

A detailed planning for a project quickly comes down to well over 1,000 or sometimes over 10,000 activities. This makes it difficult to comprehend a planning and get a good insight in the time aspect. Straightforward management information often is not available and slowly but surely you loose control over the project.

What is really important and which measures to take or not to take? Because you need to balance multiple management tools time, money and quality it is difficult to manage consistently.

Based on time it could be best to take a left turn, while money says "go right!". Or, from a risk perspective, the management of the top five risks is important, while these risks barely impact throughput time. Instead risk #11 may be the most important bottleneck.

Dealing with uncertainties

Betrouwbaar plannne

Many projects include buffers to deal with time-uncertainties. The question that remains is how realistic this really is! In the most common planning methodology (deterministic) time-uncertainties are not handled well. The throughput-time is usually based on the most probable option. The reality the chance of things working out differently is very big.

Probabilistic planning offers a way out.

Here it is important to quantify all know uncertainties and include in the planning. By smartly structuring the work in workpackages it is possible also include include money, quality and risks integrally into the probabilistic planning next to time.

By connecting the risks to the activities in the workpackages you can more reliably predict the time-uncertainties in throughput time and costs of the project. As chance and effect of a risk become immediately visible in the planning and the budget! This makes the riskfactor suddenly a lot more transparant!

Quality assurance

Quality usually has a strong correlation with the requirements specification. From here quite simply the 'critical to quality' requirements can be determined and connected to the workpackages. This creates an integral overview on workpackage level!

With the overall insight you are able to each time take the right decisions related to risks, mitigations and the impact on time, budget and quality

Synergio helps you to achieve this overall insight, including costs and the influence of uncertainties (variability and risks). This leads to a much more realistic picture on whether the project can deliver as promised!

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