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All sticky notes on a row at Borssele

“The right tools we already have,” says Hans Krijger. The department manager Design of the nuclear power plan in Borssele taps his finger against his head. "Our expertise, technical knowhow, the experience. That is not to compain about. Synergio teaches us to use these tools smarter and more efficiently." 



The nuclear power plant in Borssele is over 35 years old. In 2006 the government decided the power plant will remain in operation until 2034. The technicians of the Electricity Production Company South-Netherlands (EPZ) will have to modernize regularly. Krijger: "Each new component, each extension, each new systeem is prepared thoroughly. By making a plan that first is reviewed and only then is executed. You communicate through such a plan and it is common to technicians to do this via solutions. A pump A that does not work needs to be replaced by a new pump of type B. End of story".

Hans Krijger explains this "old"  way of working was functioning well. Still they looked at options to make the process more efficient. Krijger talked to his collegue from Education. Synergio was invited and delivered a training to approximately 30 people. Krijger: "My collegues learn to look at a problem in a different way. We make the analysis a clear as possible. The best solution will then automatically becomes more visible".

This way, the process itself becomes a lot more transparent for the reviewers at Borssele. Krijger: "Even clear to a non-expert. It feels like a whole mountain of sticky notes with comments are now nicely organized on a whiteboard. Now we have to make sure to stick to this way of working. Synergio coaches us with this. Only this way the steps to perform stay clear, and the solution as well. We just work even better towards that!"