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Agile Systems Engineering for Public Infra

Working explicitly, within the value chain and integrally are important in Public Infrastructure. Systems Engineering is a well accepted approach to achieve this, both on the clients and contractors side. Although a lot information is available about SE, many organizations struggle with the practical application. Recognizable?

Agile systems engineering

Synergio helps you to apply Agile Systems Engineering into your organization. This enables you to develop better solutions with less failure costs and gain more efficiency from Systems Engineering. Not just theory, but Agile Systems Engineering, tailored to your organization, supported with a professional tool: TopTeam for Systems Engineering

SAFe program consultants

Our consultants are Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Certified Program Consultants (SPC4) who professionally guide the transformation into an agile business analysis process.

Training and coaching

We train and coach all participants through our Blended Learning approach, a combination of E-Learning and practice-oriented classroom training. We provide software tools that make you even better and more productive.


Are you interested in finding out how we can help you to transform into Agile Systems Engineering? Don't hesistate to contact us, we're glad to help you.

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Synergio's training courses are a big success. Participants report they are inspiring and very informative. Since 2006 we yearly train about 600 students. Their average rating has been well over 8 (out of a total score of 10)!

Inspiring teachers, a pleasant setting and limited group size contribute to a lot of interaction and plenty of opportunity to work on assignments. The training includes clear and practical "best practices" and specific techniques from our own experiences.

A training can be highly customized as well as on the basis of public enrollment. We also offer coaching on the job to support the immediate application of newly gained knowledge in your daily practice.


Professional services

From a theoretical perspective there are a number of different views and variations on what SE exactly means and "how it should done". SE tends to be explained and implemented differently in every branch or culture. Next to this over the yeats many contradictions have been told about SE. What to believe? When am I doing it right?



TopTeam SE

The power of TopTeam can be explained by the integral approach that looks beyond just requirements. The easy accessible environment with rich functionality "out of the box" makes sure requirements are really used by all disciplines that contribute to achieving the result.



Cognition Cockpit™ is a unique tool. Cockpit's strenght can be explained by the integral approach that combines rich requirements management features and traceabily functions with powerful mathematical functions and risk management.