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Agile Systems Engineering

Synergio's strength is that we transfer the essence of well thought out and proven principles on Systems Engineering to people and realize a sustainable change in organizations, by focusing on the quality of work and the ambitions and competencies of people. No one-time tricks or theoretical advice but practical tools and coaching on-the-job that stick and which can be directly applied in practice.

Our experienced experts understand what is needed to realize a substantial and sustainable improvement. To make this happen, experience and a thorough knowledge of Agile methods and techniques are important, but how to really apply SE in daily practice is what makes the real difference!

Lessons Learned

A shared vision

With a shared vision and ambition as the starting point we prepare the roadmap towards Agile Systems Engineering (ASE) in collaboration with you. We help you to achieve an excellent result with a good project startup, an applicable implementation of ASE in daily practice and a professional tool set.

We help you to steer on added value from start to finish. This will offer you the ability make visible improvements enabling you to develop excellent products, with happy employees and customers as a result. We can help you anchor our knowledge and experience in a "Center of excellence", creating a "competitive advantage".

Vision and ambition

The pioneers have experienced that implementing Systems Engineering often is a far reaching change process. Like with any change project it is important to keep an eye on the objectives (what does your organization want to achieve with Systems Engineering?). With this objective clearly defined you can determine what is necessary in the organization, the processes, the people and the means to be able to cope with the change. And, it become possible to identify risks, make the right choices and to manage the change process adequately.


Quick project startup

Normally the upcoming start of a project is known well in advance. And usually a project needs a couple of weeks to come to speed. In its own right a normal and recognizable situation. When you are required to deliver an outstanding performance under high pressure, a "quick project startup" can really make a significant difference!


SE in practice

When Systems Engineering (SE) is applied properly in projects, the promise is that projects can cheaper and faster realize reliable and durable solutions that meet the expectations of customers (customer values), the organization (business values) and society (public values).