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Agile Systems Engineering vision and ambition

Working with LSE in daily practice is more than just a bunch of techniques. When you want to apply SE well, it is not just "turning a switch".

Changing mindset and way of working is not done in one go, but starts with small steps. The more steps you take, the more important the shared vision and ambition becomes about how you use Systems Engineering to successfully execute a project.


Make the shared vision and ambition explicit. This allows you to clearly communicate the direction and scope starting from day 1. What is LSE and how does it influence the current way of working? Use specific milestones and measurable objectives to specify the ambition and what working with LSE should bring to the table.

Lean Systems Engineering - what's the use?

Synergio can help you create a clear and explicit vision on Lean System Engineering with a small core team in a relatively short period of time. And define the roadmap to introduce Lean Systems Engineering in your organization. The most valuable initiatives with the highest chance of success are grouped together into a number of related themes. Together with the key players an actionable plan is created as a useful tool to keep steering on value.

Based on the shared vision and ambition it becomes easier for all involved stakeholders to take the right steps forward. The achieved improvement is connected to the defined objectives. This way the ROI of the LSE investment over time becomes very clear. Regularly, vision and ambition are tuned and enriched with new insights, new possibilities and a continuously accelerating adoption of LSE in the organization. On track  towards successful projects with help of LSE!

Do you want to more about how Synergio's Lean Systems Engineering can help your organization? Please contact us via e-mail info@synergio.nl or telephone +31 (0)85 2735185.

The ambition statement

Ambition can be personal, but also relate to a team of even an entire business! And the bigger the ambition, the more people with different disciplines and objectives are essential when sharing, setting and realizing the ambition.

Communicate clearly

By communicating clearly about intermediate results, everybody stays on the same page. This way the entire team remains focused on achieving the ambition.

Stay on track

Stay focused on realizing the ambition. Not just at the beginning but also during the entire process. Inbetween measure whether you are still on track. Should intermediate results stay behind, then you can timely correct.

Cash on the investment

Get the optimal return on the investment by measuring the benefits. This will visualize the effects of the investment. When they do not meet the expectations, then you can timely correct.