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VisibleThread - reviewing documents faster

VisibleThread automatically scans Word and PDF file on quality. It collects quantitative information about the quality of the document, so that you can quickly find problems and resolve them. This allows you to reduce review time by 45%.

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Project sponsors and contractors can quickly scan documents like requirements specifications, offers, RFI's/RFP's, SoW's on language used, like long sentences or vague words. But VisibleThread also helps determining if the themes covered in the documents are a good coverage of the intended focus. 

Our brochure on VisibleThread you can find here.

Key features:

  • Check on easy to understand language
  • Check on vague terms
  • Check on meeting the required document structure
  • Validation of document against "winning themes"
  • Check multiple documents in one go
  • Monitor progress and improvement over multiple versions of the document
  • Teamwork by means of discussions, issues, tasks,etc.


What makes VisibleThread interesting for you?
VisibleThread increases the quality of your documents, regardless if being a projectsponsor or a contractor. By automatically scanning the documents the speed of the reviewprocess (what can improve), the qualification process (does this assignment fit us), the quality process (is the essence described well) and the tenderprocess (do we present the right offer) is significantly improved and consistency is guaranteed.

VisibleThread services

Synergio offers a number of useful services to help you get started quickly with VisibleThread, like:

  • VisibleThread-as-a-Service
  • VisibleThread customization
  • VisibleThread training
  • VisibleThread coaching



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More information about VisibleThread:

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VisibleThread articles

Buchanan & Edwards is an organization that delivers software to the United States federal government. They use VisibleThread to increase their chances to win a tender.