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Systems Engineering training

Synergio's training courses are a big success. Participants report they are inspiring and very informative. Since 2006 we yearly train about 600 students. Their average rating has been well over 8 (out of a total score of 10)!

Inspiring teachers, a pleasant setting and limited group size contribute to a lot of interaction and plenty of opportunity to work on assignments. The training includes clear and practical "best practices" and specific techniques.

A training can be highly customized as well as on the basis of public enrollment. We also offer coaching on the job to support the immediate application of newly gained knowledge in your daily practice.


International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) has the objective to improve the application and development Systems Engineering (SE). Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach that contributes in realizing successful systems. With Systems Engineering we aim not just to realize technical goals but also business objectives, to offer a high quality product that meets the customer needs.

The objectives of the Dutch chapter of  INCOSE are:

  • improving the application of Systems Engineering in all areas;
  • improving the further development of Systems Engineering;
  • spreading knowledge about Systems Engineering  to practitioners and interested people;
  • improving contacts between Systems Engineering practitioners and interested people.

Synergio sponsors the Dutch chapter of INCOSE.

Requirements specification

What is the desired endresult? And even more important: do all stakeholders have a common view of this? Questions that often do not get answered or not even asked when writing project- or change plans. 

How to best describe this endresult? With requirements!

Working with requirements deals with the crystal clear documenting the expected result, choosing the best option of possible solutions and being able to accept the endresult based on measurable criteria.


Use cases

Use Cases are a frequently use technique for designing the interaction betwee a user and a system. What is a good Use Case and what are useful guidelines to describe these? Can you determine whether the Use Case is a good implementation of the requirements? And just as important: can Use Cases help you to determine if your set of requirements is clear and complete?


SE in practice

When Systems Engineering (SE) is applied well in projects, then the promise of SE is that projects can cheaper and faster deliver reliable and durable solutions that meet the expectations of customers (customer value), the business (business value) and society (public value).