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Systems Engineering in practice

When Systems Engineering (SE) is applied well in projects, then the promise of SE is that projects can cheaper and faster deliver reliable and durable solutions that meet the expectations of customers (customer value), the business (business value) and society (public value).

A nice promise, but how to apply Systems Engineering well in daily practice? How do you make sure that you structurally create successful systems with this interdisciplinary approach? How to make sure that working according to SE does end up with an administrative burdon, but instead delivers the "competitive advantage" that you are looking for?

SE in practice

In the 2-day training "SE in practice" the participants experience how the most important principles of SE can be applied in daily practice. By jointly going through a real-life case, the participant are quickly confronted with the challenges. Step-by-step they learn to separate between key- and irrelevant information and are equipped to make the difference in often uncertain and complex situations. On track to a successful project!

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Practical information

You can enroll here for one of the public courses.

Do you want to know more about how Synergio can help improve Systems Engineering in your organization? Please send an email to opleidingen@synergio.nl or call us at +31 (0)85 2735185.


Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Like no other Synergio is able to explain how to formulate requirements well and structure in a clear way. Based on this expertise the Dutch Ministry of Public Works asked Synergio to  document the lessons learned from a number of projects in an accessible and practically applicable booklet.

The lessons learned booklet explains to people who write requirements specifications which experiences exist and aims to stimulate sharing each others experiences.

Want to know more? Download the digital version of it here.